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John Goodliff

Software Developer & Student


I am a passionate Computing Science student working towards my Bachelors Specialization at the University of Alberta. I have recently completed my internship at Haemonetics Corporation in Edmonton, where I put my expertise to use on their NexLynk Donor Management System. Some of my interests include cats, cars, music, and of course, anything technology-related :)

My Projects

HTML, CSS, Jekyll, Liquid

My Work

I am interested in a wide variety of compute related topics including programming, design, audio production, and whatever else is currently piquing my curiosity. In terms of experience, I am well-rounded. I am familiar with frontend web technologies, backend development, cloud computing, and low-level programming like Arduino and MIPS assembly.

I have gained programming and theoretical knowledge from school and developed soft skills from my previous jobs, but I have also learned a lot from the various personal projects I have completed over the years. Being a creative individual with strong problem solving skills, I have never been scared of writing my own software to fix problems I face, or to make life more convenient. This has not only taught me new languages and technologies, but it has taught me important concepts from the open source community like documentation, continuous maintenance, and proper use of source control. I have put some of my favorite projects above to showcase this.

If you have any questions or think I could be a help to your team, feel free to contact me on social media or via my email address below.


Thanks to everyone who has helped me reach the stars, as well as the following groups for making this site possible: Font Awesome, Icomoon, Github Pages, and the makers of Montserrat. This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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